sofia design week

construction of deconstruction.

if one go through the streets of sofia, you inevitably attract attention to the poster-column, they sprout out like mushrooms out of the ground. all in a tumble and in 100-times layers on top of each other glued posters, allow to let them grow and grow. the stele metamorphose in a 30 min-tact. new posters were paste and older ones disappear. for me, cause unfamiliar, fascinating to gaze to this spectacle.

for 20 jung designers, which partake in my workshop during the sofia-design-week, it is an commen, frustrating and unesthetic aspect. »there is a total poster-chaos in sofia« was basically, the outcome of the discussion when we meet each other for the first time.

for this reason, the first obvious step was to remove and pull down the posters out of teh urban space. a (action of cleaning up) as a rebellion against the chaos in their city.

with a critical view of loosing informations and the complicate(icity) of commumication throug this poster-stimulus satiation, the intention is to indicate the people in sofia for this problem and to sensibilize them for good design.

the deconstruction of the demolished posters was the initial point for the construction of new, large scale and precise poster-massages.